Gli Uomini del Triangolo FAI di 25Km (ENG)

Da sinistra: Marco Zonca e Charles Cazaux
 - Last week in Gemona, a guy came to me: "Hi Charles, You broke my record! I am Marco."
Story starts years ago when I realized I need to improve my skills to be faster and use all the speed range of my wing . The only way to have a chance to finish with the speedy swiss team pilot in goal!
World Cup in Crans Montana really showed me the gap i had to face and the work I will have to do...
No matter, I decided to train on a small task, a 25km FAI triangle in fact with the idea to go faster and faster. Why 25km? Because You could do as many turn You want, rest in between. Just find the safe place for it as it could be quite extreme sometimes while pushing on the ridge. Home-place fits perfectly for it!
So I started training with the dream to break the existing World Record on 25km FAI triangle. Time after time, or turn after turn I finally learned more about aerology than handling, to fly out of the ridge!
Almost 10 years ago Marco Zonca broke Patrick Berod previous one, and I came just 12 days later to improve it. As I knew it was not so fast, I decided to train more. Marco could still make better from what I understood while exchanging some mail with him.
2010 and the first serial 2 lines, Ozone R10 arrived finally, it was a great wing for it so I went for it again and again like a gold fish ;-) and I did better!
Just few world to say that we are used to fly XC or comp to train ourself but specific exercise works pretty good too like acro pilot spending time on a manoeuvre before doing the all serie.
I would like to thanks Marco Zonca. He is the man who finally pushed me to push which helped me a lot on some of my past result in comp and recently under the cloud street in Australia!

[Charles Cazaux (FRA), 13.06.2016 11:20]

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